January 2022
Kicking Off the New Year with Strong Momentum for
Civic Education
Inside this newsletter:
  Event Recap: Civic Education Webinar
  CSD Advocacy Toolkit Launch
  State Grant RFP: Deadline to Apply Jan. 28
  Preserving Democracy Documentary
  Civic Engagement Research
  Member Survey Results
  New Coalition Members
Event Recap
On January 21, CivXNow and the Center for Educational Equity (CEE) at Teachers College, Columbia University, hosted a joint webinar featuring four of the country’s leading scholars and researchers in civic education. David Campbell from the University of Notre Dame, Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg from CIRCLE, Meira Levinson from Harvard University, and Jane C. Lo from Michigan State University discussed their latest research and the links between civic education and civic engagement later in life.
The lively panel covered an array of topics, including methods for instructing students and dealing with conflict; the concept of “good” civic education given the current state of our democracy; the influence that positive civic experiences can have on Black and Latino/a students; and voting patterns.
The panel, moderated by Rashid Duroseau, Civics Program Director for Democracy Prep Public Schools, also covered the critical role that civic education must play at this time in sustaining and strengthening our democracy. Michael Rebell, CEE Executive Director, gave closing remarks and emphasized the importance of litigation as a tool for pushing forward the cause of civic education.
CSD Advocacy Toolkit Launch
Free Webinar: February 10, 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET
In preparation for the impending reintroduction of the Civics Secures Democracy (CSD) Act, please register to join us on Thursday, February 10, from 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET for our CSD Advocacy Toolkit Launch. You’ll learn more about the exciting new resources being added to our website to support bill tracking and advocacy efforts.
This bipartisan, bicameral bill represents a transformational $5 billion federal investment over the course of five years, through expanding access to U.S. history and civic education and empowering students to participate in our constitutional democracy.
We look forward to activating our networks and mobilizing grassroots support in tandem with you to pass this essential legislation!
Last Call for State Grant Applications — Apply by January 28!
State Coalition Request For Proposals (RFP) Up to $20,000 per Grant Award
CivXNow works with and supports coalitions and entities operating within a state that are committed to including the broad diversity mirroring their state in the development of meaningful, bipartisan civic learning policy and practice improvements consistent with the recommendations outlined in the CivXNow State Policy Menu. We believe that work at the state level needs to be driven by state actors — as evidenced by the successes in Massachusetts and Indiana — and that a national organization’s best role is to facilitate and support their work so local advocates can drive the policy solutions that best represent their state.
To that end, CivXNow is making available for the second year grants to assist state-level coalitions/task forces in their coalition-building and policy work. Applicants have the opportunity to submit an application requesting up to $20,000. The deadline to apply is January 28, 2022, by 4:00 p.m. ET.
Head to the News & Insights page on our website for more information, and to apply.
Documentary: Preserving Democracy
On January 6, 2022, PBS aired a two-hour documentary special, Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union. The documentary reflected on the historical context of the democratic system, progress and threats to democracy at home and abroad, and lessons learned from our nation’s origin to the present day.
  Preserving Democracy
The piece poses civic education as a solution to current challenges and, at the 1:45 minute mark, visits the classroom of Mary Ellen Wessels to look at how a modern civics class is taught using iCivics games. Wessels’ students talk about their experiences and share their thoughts about civic education. The documentary ends with a highlight of the Civics Secures Democracy Act.
Research on Implementing a Seal of Civic Engagement
Leveraging Equity & Access in Democratic Education’s (LEADE) Erica Hodgin and Leah Bueso just released a new report entitled Breaking New Ground with California’s State Seal of Civic Engagement: Lessons from Year 1. The report highlights the efforts of seven early adopters of the State Seal of Civic Engagement (SSCE) and provides themes and recommendations for educators interested in rolling out the SSCE in their own districts and schools. In addition, the report details the important role that students can play in the planning and implementation of the SSCE at the state, district, and school levels.
CivXNow Coalition 2021 Survey Results: A Breakdown
Did you participate in our recent coalition feedback survey? Check out the summary of the collated data on the News & Insights page of our website for a more detailed look at what our partners had to say about the usefulness of our monthly newsletters, bimonthly webinars, and policy advocacy efforts, and suggestions for future content, speakers, and tactics in these areas.
  Preserving Democracy
Meet the Newest CivXNow Coalition Members
The CivXNow Coalition is growing fast. We now stand at more than 195 member organizations. Our latest additions include:
  American Political Science Association
  American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)
  America's Voice Project - Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University
  Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)
  Big Picture Learning
  Drexel University School of Education
  The History Co:Lab
  National Indian Education Association (NIEA)
  Retro Report
The Coalition remains deeply appreciative of member efforts and of all we have accomplished together. Our goal is to aggregate and activate large networks of support to expand and re-imagine civic education as a force for civic strength. To our Coalition members, thank you for your partnership.
If you are part of an organization interested in joining the Coalition or learning more, please contact us at CivXNow@icivics.org.
Our Mission
CivXNow is a coalition of partners from diverse viewpoints working to create a culture shift that elevates civic education and engagement as a national priority in order to protect and strengthen America’s constitutional democracy. This includes building a shared commitment to ensure that all young people are prepared to assume their rights and responsibilities to participate in civic life and address the issues facing students, their families, and communities in our increasingly dynamic, polarized, and digital society.
To achieve this goal, CivXNow advocates for bipartisan federal and state legislation that supports implementation of state and local policies that reimagine and deliver relevant, inclusive, and engaging K-12 civic learning, both in- and out-of-school.
A Team Effort
The CivXNow team produces this newsletter each month.
We are grateful for the energy, time, and guidance of the CivXNow Advisory Council and to many, many others who support individual projects.
The important work of CivXNow is generously funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York,
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and The Robert R. McCormick Foundation.
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