Dear Friend,
Since March, the CivXNow Coalition’s 170 organizational members and friends of civic learning have worked diligently to promote the federal Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSD). The CSD would constitute a transformational national investment in K–12 civic education to strengthen our constitutional democracy.
Senators and members of Congress from across the fruited plain have heard from students, teachers, school administrators, and nonprofit leaders about the generational investment CSD represents in today’s youth and tomorrow’s citizens. Together, we’ve built on CSD’s bicameral, bipartisan cosponsorship. Today, we ask you to join us in further engaging members of Congress during August recess.
As members return to their states and districts for town halls and office visits, we ask that you attend these public meetings or better yet, schedule a personal meeting at the district or regional office, or virtually if you prefer. Our CSD Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for scheduling such meetings and background information for advance preparation.
We’re also hosting a virtual briefing on CSD on Wednesday, August 11 from 12–1 p.m. ET where we’ll walk through the bill’s specifics, provide the latest updates on its progress, and model how to conduct in-person or virtual meetings.
We request that you schedule in-person or virtual meetings this month before Congress returns for its fall session. Should the Representative or Senator not be available for a meeting on a day and time convenient to you, please proceed to schedule one instead with the relevant legislative assistant in the Capitol office using this contact list. Full instructions for scheduling and conducting meetings are available on the CSD Toolkit.
Regardless of venue or format, please report the outcomes of these critical meetings to me, Shawn Healy, at your earliest convenience to assist us in aggregating intelligence on the bill. Our goal is to announce a huge cohort of new bipartisan cosponsors on Constitution Day, September 17, underscoring CSD’s cross-ideological resonance and critical importance to strengthening our constitutional democracy.
When CSD was introduced this spring, we knew the path forward would be rocky, and the political challenges of the past few months have been fierce. But our bipartisan cosponsors have held strong and we’ve collectively weathered the storm. More than anything, the noise and misinformation characterizing the culture wars cements the need for a generational investment in K–12 civic education.
Join us in engaging your Senators and Representatives on the CSD, educating them on its potential impact, and securing their cosponsorship and commitment to vote for its passage.
Yours in civics,
Shawn Healy
Senior Director of State Policy and Advocacy, iCivics
CivXNow is a coalition of partners from diverse viewpoints working to create a culture shift that elevates civic education and engagement as a national priority in order to protect and strengthen America’s constitutional democracy. This includes building a shared commitment to ensure that all young people are prepared to assume their rights and responsibilities to participate in civic life and address the issues facing students, their families, and communities in our increasingly dynamic, polarized, and digital society.
To achieve this goal, CivXNow advocates for bipartisan federal and state legislation that supports implementation of state and local policies that reimagine and deliver relevant, inclusive, and engaging K–12 civic learning, both in- and out-of-school.
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